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Development tools

creates a Makefile from configuration files using the shell.
runs make on a global building place, definend by environemt. In EFEU the building of libraries and commands is completly separated from source.

C libraries

is the basic library for EFEU applications. Here comes a brief overview:
provides the EFEU-interpreter (see applications) and some extensions to the basic library.
provides an interface to readline.
consists of library functions to handle data cubes. The `mdmat' data format supports data cubes of any types and with no limits on dimensions. Includes functions for counting data structures.
consists of library functions to handle polynoms and time series. Supports spline interpolation and OLS estimation.
is a frontend to curses. The functionality is limited to the nessesaries of applications. Currently only used by `eis' (see applications).
is a frontend to PostgreSQL as plugin for esh or for direct use in C programms.

Application commands

is a command interpreter with a syntax similar to C/C++. You can use it in many ways. The application range starts by a desc calculator (readline interface) and ends by complex scripts. The interpreter shares data pointer directly with C-programms. You can use it in C-Programms for evaluation configuration scripts and you can easy add your own C-functions and data types to it.
uses the esh interpreter to produce C source. You may miss applications in the current release of efeu, but this tool is heavily used on synthesis research institute.

verwendet den esh Interprerter um C Sourcen zu generieren. In der EFEU Veröffentlichung finden sich keine Anwendungen, aber dieses Werkzeug wird intensiv zur Datenanalyse bei Synthesis eingesetzt.
is a document generator with different output formats (LaTeX, HTML, roff, ...). The esh interpreter is used in macros, so you can directly integrate data evaluation or create tables from data cubes directly in your document.
extracts comments from source file to be processed with efeudoc. This tool allows you to integrate the documentation in the source code.

Have a look at the user reference manual to see all commands comming with EFEU:

Installing EFEU

Read the instructions in INSTALL or just try make.


Please report any bugs in EFEU to the author Erich Frühstück ef@cybertec.at