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EFEU is a programming environment to develope C-programms and libraries.

EFEU consists of development tools, extensive C libraries and application commands.

One major advance of the develpoment tools are creating Makefiles directly from source tree.

The C libraries consist of robust memory allocation tools, functions for command configuration, dynamic growing strings and fields, generalized data handling, data cubes, polynomial, time series, an interface to PostgreSQL and a lot of more.

The application commands contains an interpreter with a syntax similar to C/C++, a source code generator and a document generator with different output formats (LaTeX, HTML, roff, ...) and many things more.

EFEU is free software. License: GPL (commands). LGPL (libraries).

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Dvipost is a post processor for dvi files, created by latex or tex. If the command is invoked as pplatex, it integrates the call of latex and the post processing of the dvi file. This tool is part of several linux distributions.

Dvipost is used for special modes, which normally needs the support of dvi drivers (such as dvips). With dvipost, this features could be implemented independent of the prefered driver. Currently, the post processor supports layout raster, change bars and overstrike mode.

Dvipost is free software. License: GPL.

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